Ergon (Νέα Ερυθραία)

With the ERGON deli restaurants, our goal is to redefine Greek recipes around the long-standing tradition of “meze” – bite-sized servings of exceptionally good food to be shared by everyone around the table.

Dimitris Skarmoutsos, our chef, is one of the new generation of innovative Greek chefs who embody and develop the new Greek cuisine, always pushing culinary boundaries without losing sight of the food’s origin. Dimitris applied his considerable talents and, using ERGON products, redefined the traditional Greek meze for our menu.

ERGON started as a group of friends. A group of people that wanted and aspired to work on Greek foodstuffs and gastronomy. Along the way, more people joined the group. People sharing a love and knowledge for the Greek cuisine completed the group.
The constant need for evolution and expansion brought to us many distinguished and young Greek chefs. The network of chefs of our stores in partnership with the chefs of the company creates a constantly changing seasonal menu enriched with local ingredients and recipes of every place.

Based on traditional recipes from all over Greece, the company’s chefs aim at redefining the new Greek cuisine.

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Traditional Greek Deli – Contemporary Greek Cuisine – Independent Greek Producers

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Χαριλάου Τρικούπη 125, Νέα Ερυθραία, Ελλάδα
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