The famous » Furin Kazan» close to Syntagma square,last February expanded with a new branch, » Yamato Furin Kazan «,behind Caravel Hotel.

The quality of the food still remains the same and so are the prices.

There aren’t any big changes made in the menu,,just a few more traditional japanese dishes added,such as Sukiyaki,Tendon and more.

The chef and his team are always willing to help you with anything you may need, From further explanation of the dishes till the cab you’ll need to get to your destination.

During lunch time,from Monday to Friday,12.00-17.00 we have the HAPPY HOUR which gives you 20% off the initial amount and for take outs we have a special menu called OBENTO MENU,your favorited sushi and dishes in a very special price.

We deliver food at your place and catering services are available too.

For our dear customers who are afraid of not finding a parking space, the parking at Iofontos and Alkimahou corner, gives you a special price of 8 euros without any additional charge for extra hours. Just don’t forget to ask us to stamp your ticket before leaving the restaurant. 

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Japanese and Sushi Bars

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Αλκιμάχου 21, Αθήνα, Ελλάδα
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